• The sun emits light at different frequencies. These frequencies can be separated by a process called refraction. When light travels through a crystal prism, it refracts and divides into the seven colors of the spectrum, where each color has its own frequency.

    If the separated colors go through another prism they will form white light. The first person to demonstrate this phenomenon at the end of the 17th century was Isaac Newton, the great British physicist.


  • Energy travels in waves. The distance between successive waves is called a wavelength and the number of times a wave oscillates in one second is called frequency. The general rule states that the longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency.

    Every color has its own specific frequency and own its individual wavelength and therefore its own specific effects.

    Red, orange and yellow carry longer wavelengths and seem to reach the eye faster than colors on the other end of the spectrum. They are called warm colors and we often associate them with fire and sunshine.

  • Green, blue and violet are perceived as cool colors. They travel in shorter wavelengths, so they seem to take longer to reach our eyes. They bring to mind seas and rivers, the sky and the crispness of dawn in winter.

    Each warm color has its complementary cool color, paired as follows: red – blue, orange – indigo, yellow – violet, green – red (magenta).

    BIOPTRON Light is polarized; the electromagnetic waves of polarized light oscillate in parallel planes only, thus making this light highly penetrating. No ultraviolet rays and no substantial heat are produced making

     BIOPTRON light therapy devices safe to use, with no negative side effects.

  • Color and light therapy aim to treat the cause of an ailment rather than its symptoms, working to create a balance within the body by stimulating physical and emotional conditions.

    The Color Light Set is based on 2 color therapy principles:

    the bioinformation concept for pressure points and chakra stimulation,

    providing the benefits of:

    • Light

    • 7 bioinformed colored filters

    • 3 bioinformed cosmetic products: Light Fluid, Balancing Gel, Crystal Cream