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Master Cookware Pot 5.0 L Ø 20cm

Master Cookware Pot 5.0 L Ø 20cm

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The Zepter Masterpiece Cookware is a patented system enabling proper and everlasting preparation of healthy food, for a better and longer life. The combination of the Zepter system’s multifunctional elements enables proper preparation, cooking, frying, serving and preservation of healthy food. The Zepter Multisystem is manufactured in Milan, Italy, at one of Zepter’s seven factories in Europe, pursuing the highest quality and safety standards. Zepter’s unique combination of superior metal 316L, cutting-edge Zepter technology and magnificent Zepter design allows you to cook without adding water and to fry without adding fats, thus preserving the food’s nutrients. With the Zepter Multisystem, food is cooked in its own juice, sufficient to preserve its essential nutrients and organoleptic properties. The Zepter Masterpiece system for preparing healthy food is fast, easy and always healthy.


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    The 316L high-quality stainless steel used in the production of Zepter Masterpiece Cookware provides a fully safe cooking surface that is completely free from all toxic materials and coatings, making it absolutely safe for your health. Key features include:

    • Even heat distribution

    • Ensures foods don’t burn

    • Completely non-corrosive

    • Non-porous and does not retain any smells

    • Easy to use, clean and maintain

    • Ecologically friendly

    • Neutral and allergy friendly

    • Lifetime warranty


    Zepter’s patented triple layer Accuthermal Compact Bottom (ZAC) is the heart of healthy food preparation. Made out of 3 layers of light metal, inductive and accumulative/conductive, and compressed using a pressing machine that exerts up to 2,000 tons of pressure, it is indestructible, compact and undeformable after use. ZAC accumulates energy and transfers heat quickly and evenly across the pan to enable cooking at low temperatures, efficient energy use and more food on your plate.



    A new non-stick technique that delivers great results, without compromising your health or the nutritious value of the food you eat. Made without the application of any harmful and carcinogenic coatings, which can put your health at risk, URA (Ultimate Resistant Application) alters the structure of the cooking surface by enhancing chrome concentration, resulting in non-stick properties that act as an alternative to PTFE and PFOA.


    Zepter multifunctional lids are designed for compatibility with all other cookware of similar dimensions. Not only do the lids create a hermetic seal ensuring nothing escapes the pot, they can also be used for serving, washing fruits and veggies, as stand to protect surfaces from hot pots and pans, or for sealing foods and keeping them fresh.


    Zepter uses PVD, a unique and environmentally friendly coating method that provides high temperature resistance, good impact strength, durability and excellent resistance to scratches. Ergonomically designed for comfortable use, Zepter handles always stay cool and never overheat, ensuring you'll never burn yourself while cooking.


    Be in complete control of the food preparation process. The Zepter analogue thermocontroller allows you to prepare healthy food the healthy way, at the correct temperature and without ever having to lift the lid to see what’s inside. Foods cook in their own juices at low temperature, retaining maximum nutritive and biological values and saving up to 70% of energy and 30% of food. Just set your desired temperature and let the cooking do itself.