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Medolight Z4L Red Light Therapy

Medolight Z4L Red Light Therapy

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Medolight by BIOPTRON has evolved from almost 30 years of research into medical light therapy. A 3rd generation device containing a market-leading 108 light emitting diodes, (LED), Medolight generates waves in the field of red light (640nm) and near infrared (880nm), so that we get the most effective biological effects. The wavelengths of light work together to increase blood circulation and lower inflammation so your body can relieve pain naturally and accelerate healing. Photons of light penetrate tissues and cells, activating a whole series of biochemical processes resulting in therapeutic effects for the body’s organs and systems.

About product

Medolight by BIOPTRON is a medical grade light therapy device for pain relief, accelerated healing, inflammation reduction and disease prevention. Designed for home or professional use without a prescription, it is clinically proven to safely and consistently relieve joint, muscle and arthritic pain, increase blood circulation, diminish bruising, stimulate overall immunity, improve metabolic processes, aid the prevention of heart and vascular disease, and attain optimal well-being. 100% safe.


Power density on av. of 40 mW/cm²

Wavelength 480 - 3400 nm

Voltage Power supply 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Power charger 230V/50 Hz / 5,4V +/- 10%

Battery type Li-ION - 3,7V, 1700 mAh

Charging time ap. 3 hours

Work timeap. 60 min.

Light energy per minutean av. of 2.4 J/cm²

Made in Switzerland

BIOPTRON AG - Sihleggstrasse 23, CH-8832 Wollerau - Switzerland

Warranty 5 years

Certifications/DeclarationThe product registered in CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)


Net weight [kg] 0.35

Dimensions 18cm x 6cm x18 cm


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Medolight Z4L – a new, third generation device for light therapy, using state of the art technology

It is worth knowing that the diodes used in medolight Z4L, differ significantly from ordinary bulbs or signal diodes; among others:

The medolight Z4L device contains 108 electroluminescent diodes, built with gallium-aluminium-arsenic semiconductors.

They generate electromagnetic waves in the red and near infrared light range. These are the ranges necessary to “recharge” the mitochondria.

Methods of medolight Z4L light therapy

The method of medolight Z4L light application depends on the type of disease, overall health of the person treated and many other factors. The simplest method is a local exposure of the affected area using one of the 5 following programmes:

• Programme 1 continuous lighrestoration of the energy deficit

• Programme 2 impulse light 10 Hzoverall soothing effect

• Programme 3 impulse light 600 Hz monotonous (tonal), pain relief (for example arm and leg pain)

• Programme 4 impulse light 3 kHzwound healing

• Programme 5 impulse light 8 kHz acute pain relief Exposure of one area takes 5-25 minutes.

Before using medolight Z4L therapy we recommend to consult a physician, to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you or whether you require alternative medical treatment.