• BIOPTRON is an ideal medical treatment for pets, ensuring fast and effective healing of various animal problems. BIOPTRON Hyperlight is an easy, effective, non-invasive therapy with short duration of treatment (treatments of approx. 10 minutes per day, even if a second treatment is recommended). Treatment is very easily tolerated and accepted, which plays an important role with difficult ‘patients’. BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy can be combined with any other treatment, whereby its synergetic effects can be observed. For the comfort and health of the animals, Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy can be applied directly on the skin, and no shaving is required before treatment.

  • BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy is committed to provide longer and healthier lives for animals, extending to them its clinically proven effects. BIOPTRON Hyper Light Therapy increases the range of therapeutic possibilities in the veterinary field, which should not be missed.

    BIOPTRON ensures effective treatment in:

    • Skin problems (e.g., trichophytia, alopecia, bacterial and allergic dermatitis, demodicosis)

    • Allergies

    • Eczema

    • Arthritis

    • Pain

    • Problems with cramping syndromeInflammatory disorders (e.g., otitis externa, mastitis, etc.)

    • Acute inflammation after surgery and injuries.

    • Wound-healing after surgery and injuries

    • Saddle sores (horses)

    • Diseases of muscles (Myositis eosinophilica)

    • Cat flu

  • Visible improvements

    Improvments are often experienced immediately after one treatment, especially in acute cases of pain, itching and swelling. Reduction of chronic pain can be expected within several treatments. Because of the quick, often immediate success with BIOPTRON, many animal-owners and veterinarians tend to cease treatment prematurely, which can cause a relapse especially with skin diseases. It is necessary to continue treatment until everything is completely healed, even if the symptoms of inflammation and itching have already disappeared.

Veterinarians have reported other beneficial effects of Bioptron Hyperlight Therapy on the welfare of animals:

• General increase of vitality

• Calming effects during and after therapy

• Improved well-being